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Responsive Design

More than anything else responsive design puts emphasis on business aspects. No longer can you define it as a designing or implementation problem. Primarily, it focuses on the designing aspects where developers, designers, content specialists or people are involved with it. Plan, design, develop and deploy are traditional forms while executing a responsive design. In [...]

Twitter Commenctions Infographic

Just for the fun of it, and because I love visuals and infographics (I hope you too do love them), Vizify.com has an awesome social media connections infographic maker that you can use to create infographic on the fly by mapping your connections on Twitter. Vizify graphical bios turn your social media into a personal website all about [...]

Blog Post Promotion Infographic

I came across this awesome infographic that shows you 12 blog post promotion techniques to do after publishing a new blog post. Put in mind that we are talking here about your quality blog posts, as it doesn't make sense to do full steps for every single post you write on your blog (mainly asking other [...]

NSA Infographic

Time and again the American Government has tried to defend the National Security Agency sometimes claiming that its surveillance projects help to prevent attacks like the 9/11 and sometimes citing the Section 215 Patriot Act. But why does NSA need to be defended so badly? In collaboration with companies like Verizon, NSA has been using [...]

From Thesis to Genesis

Well.. Yes, he did! Earlier today, Brian Gardner tweeted "BOOM. @mattcutts is now running #genesiswp", that's really interesting, especially that Matt used Thesis for almost ever (since I knew his blog exists). Check  it out: https://twitter.com/bgardner/status/347786747305922561 A few hours latter, I saw this tweet on the #thesiswp hashtag: https://twitter.com/hbgreg/status/347868616819105793 Of course, I haven't investigated the [...]

Thesis Designs

I've seen amazing designs operated by the awesomeness of Thesis 2.0, and I thought it would be a good idea to put together a quick showcase and share these elegant sites with our FamousBlogger's readers. I must say that working with Thesis became really entertaining recently, especially after releasing the Thesis 2.1 beta. And, just for [...]

Covert Store Builder Theme Review

I have to start with a very simple statement that will sound cheesy, but this theme just blew my mind. That's why I decided to review the Covert Store Builder! Those who are Amazon affiliates know how hard at times it can be to display multiple products, creating one ad at a time directly on Amazon [...]

Thesis Theme 1.2 Beta

This is really exciting news from DIYThemes, finally and after several months of continues development, Thesis 2.1 beta is available for developers, you can grab a copy of Thesis 2.1 beta from the Thesis Professionals section to test it out. You are going to love it! If not? Then probably you should go back to the [...]

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